The Phone Call

Angela heard the phone ringing and after checking her caller id she answered to talk with Wendy, her neighbor two doors north.

“Hi,” said Angela.

“Hi, Angela.  This is Wendy.  Are your dogs alright?”

“Yes, why?” said Angela

“Well, we heard a tremendous dog fight which sounded as if someone was really getting hurt,” said Wendy.

“Gads, that’s horrible,” replied Angela, “but all three of mine are sleeping quietly in the living room with me.  But say, did you know that Paul and his wife were transferred across country and they rented their house out to people who do have dogs.  As they are just on the other side of me, you might have been hearing them.  I know I’ve heard horrible howling from there, once lasting all weekend, but now that the weather has turned colder and my windows are shut, I don’t hear it as much.”

“Very odd,” said Wendy, “because when Samantha and I were coming back from the beach this afternoon, we noticed that there were a ton of cars there, enough so that they spilled out of the long driveway and onto the road.  I sure hope they aren’t fighting dogs!”

Both Angela and her neighbors Wendy and Samantha were ardent animal rights activists who had all rescued pets and were constantly vigilant for any animal abuse situations.

“I hope so too!” said Angela.  “I don’t know what I would do if I found out they were, but I don’t honestly see anything since I have such a tall cedar privacy fence.  I didn’t even realize they had a ton of people there today.  I’m sure not much help here, and honestly, with my track record of being abused and tormented by neighbors in the past, I’m not sure I could even pluck up the courage to report them if I did, although if anything would give me that courage it would be abuse of the innocent.”

“Well, let’s just keep our eyes and ears open and if you hear or see anything, call us!  We live further away and there are two of us as well.  Glad to know you and your dogs are ok, and stay in touch,” said Wendy as the call concluded.

After hanging up the phone, Angela thought long and hard.  She didn’t like the fact that she was so fearful of neighbors, even if she had had a number of unpleasant and abusive ones through the years.  That was one reason she moved to this quiet rural community and purchased a home with complete privacy.  Still she couldn’t allow animals to be mistreated.  She fervently hoped that the neighbors were not doing anything and that the fight Wendy heard had just been the dogs overwhelmed by too much company.  Still, she was now uneasy.  Why couldn’t people just live in harmony with each other and the earth, she wondered as she headed off to bed.


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