The Headache

A headache came to life as Dorothy slept and it was determined not to let go of its grip. Dorothy woke up and could barely get out of bed. “Hah,” said the headache, “this is real power!” Dorothy struggled through the morning routine, hoping the shower would help, but the headache was entranced with its power and wouldn’t budge. Dorothy got her morning tea and breakfast, as the headache hammered on, thrilled to have such control over her. Dorothy fed her animals and then tried to write. “Here,” thought the headache, “I will really bring things to a halt.” Dorothy could think of nothing to write and the headache chuckled with glee.

Soon Dorothy’s electrician came to fix things at her home, and Dorothy was able to remember some of the things, but not all. Thank heavens she had made a list in the garage so the headache was unsuccessful at making a hash of the whole process, and the electrician was able to do about half the list, promising to be back next Monday.

Dorothy then resumed her work at her desk, but again the headache demanded her attention and the story faltered. All of a sudden Dorothy thought of a weird idea. Why not write a story with the headache as a main character. That would fix this nasty headache–if it thought it could stop Dorothy, well it was wrong. Dorothy got her story written and then moved on to quilting. With the machine going and some lovely waltzes playing from her iTunes list, Dorothy was content, in spite of the headache.

By day’s end it was a draw. No one can win in such a battle as this. The headache dominated Dorothy’s day, but Dorothy managed even so.


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