Hazardous Downpour

The rain turned into a torrential downpour just as Peter, his wife Lucy, and their four children were heading out for lunch. “Drat,” said Peter. “What do you think, Lucy? Can the kids manage this?”

Lucy answered, “They have to learn sometime, so now is as good a time as any. We will just have to keep them between us.”

“Right,” said Peter. “Ok, kids, this will be challenging, but it will be fine. Darcy and Ellen, you are the oldest so I need you in the front and back to protect Tess and Bonnie. Darcy, you take the front and Ellen, the rear. Your mom and I will be on each side of you all.”

“We’ll keep them safe, Dad, we promise,” chimed Darcy and Ellen.

“Ok, then,” said Peter. “On the count of three let’s all move out from under this fern frond and head directly across the yard to that giant mushroom. We can shelter under it as we graze on the smaller mushrooms!”

“Sounds great,” chorused the rest of the family, and so the Peter Slime slug family headed out for lunch.


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