The Tomb

The guardian spirits were worried. After centuries of watching over the tombs of 50 of Ramesses II’s sons, now suddenly there was a threat. Humans had combed the Valley of the Kings for centuries, finding lots of tombs, robbing, pillaging, and plundering, sometimes in the name of archaeological research and sometimes just for wealth, but defiling tombs either way.

But the resting spot for Ramesses II’s sons had gone undetected, except for one brief incursion in 1150BC, but otherwise, the tombs were safe. That is they were safe until now. Now the Egyptian authorities thought that there should be a parking lot added to encourage more tourism in the area. After all, the Valley of the Kings was a very popular attraction.

The guardian spirits had to find some way to protect these tombs, but how. A conference was called and ideas were suggested. “How about haunting the area,” proposed one spirit.

“No,” another chimed in. “That will just bring out all the psychics and ghost hunters and there will be even more people swarming over the area.”

The deliberations went on for hours. “We are charged with protecting these mummies,” announced the chief spirit, “and now that the parking lot is going in, we have to do something to prevent the absolute destruction of the tombs by ravaging bull dozers. There aren’t a lot of options open to us. And as unpleasant an alternative as it is, I think we must allow an archaeologist to find them. True, they will be opened and studied and ransacked in a different way, but if we pick the right archaeologist, the tombs and their mummies will at least remain in tact.”

The guardian spirits reluctantly agreed. The area was just too close to King Tut’s tomb and so the secrets of Tomb 5 needed to be revealed. The spirits started visiting the dreams of Dr. Kent Weeks, an archaeologist at the American University of Cairo, planting thoughts that the area deserved one last search before the parking lot was begun. They showed him visions in his dreams of hidden tombs behind a door hidden by thousands of years of debris.

Dr. Weeks headed from Cairo to the Valley of the Kings and began exploring in earnest. He told no one about his dreams as even he thought that they were ridiculous, but as he sifted through the ruble he felt guided by the images in his dreams. Soon he found the door, pried it open, and discovered the beginnings of a long corridor.

It was the find of a lifetime! Dr. Weeks told reporters, “I can’t believe it! There are at least 50 tombs belonging to Ramesses II’s sons, hidden since it was first ransacked in 1150BC, but then long since forgotten. This is a huge find and it will take years for us to sift through all the archaeological evidence. To think that this was nearly lost completely to a parking lot!”

The guardian spirits continued to watch over these tombs, and they used Dr. Weeks’s dreams to influence him so that the mummies were treated with respect. It wasn’t an ideal outcome, but the spirits felt that they had done their best to honor the memory of the pharaoh’s sons.


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