Faeries and Loggers

Deep in the woods the faeries were meeting. They had seen signs posted at the edge of their forest that indicated the humans would soon be trying to log in their homeland and they needed to stop that. Dulcinda and Lucinda, joint chiefs of the village, called for quiet. Dulcinda began, “We need to make sure this forest is not touched. I know that the sensible ecologically minded humans have filed for an extension of what they call an injunction while the case is being heard in human courts and we will probably be granted status as an ‘old forest’ worthy of preservation.”

At this comment the faeries burst out laughing. “As if we didn’t know that since we’ve lived here for hundreds of years undisturbed,” said Lucinda.

“I know,” continued Dulcinda, “but the point is that our scouts don’t think that the logging company is going to wait. Henry reported hearing sounds of chain saws yesterday evening just before dark.”

“What can we do,” shouted the faeries in unison.

Dulcinda smiled and said, “I have a plan if you are willing. We have a real advantage since the humans don’t believe we exist, at least the humans we are worried about.”

The faeries nodded. That was certainly true. Only a few humans knew their secret and those would not be chopping down trees even if the faeries didn’t live here. They cared about all life.

“So,” continued Dulcinda, “what I propose is sabotoge. We can remove bits and pieces from their machinery so that it doesn’t run. We can remove other small objects and we can make the loggers think the woods are haunted.”

Lucinda continued, “I’ve already sent a squad out under Henry’s leadership and they have disabled all the equipment currently at the forest edge. But it won’t take long for the loggers to repair them and get more distributor caps and spark plugs. We need to continue this action but we also need to get in touch with Millie the librarian and let her know what is going on.”

“And we need to keep guards posted on the loggers at all times,” Dulcinda continued. “We will need shifts of five faeries at a time and the shifts will be four hours long around the clock. Please see the chart at the back of the room for your assignments. Thank you one and all and hopefully this nightmare will soon end.”

Lucinda concluded the meeting by announcing that she and Dulcinda would set out immediately to see Millie. The faeries quickly moved over to the assignment list and noted when their shifts were before disbursing. Lucinda and Dulcinda flew away out of the forest and into the small town where Millie worked. They wanted to catch her at home because they could talk more freely there.

They were lucky it was so early. Millie was just having her first cup of tea when the faeries arrived. Dulcinda started right in. “The loggers are not waiting on your court action! They are going to try to move into the forest today. We have disabled their equipment for the moment and we will keep doing so, but please you have to help!”

Millie looked alarmed. “They aren’t allowed to do that! Mr. McGuffy, our lawyer, has let them know they have to wait on the judge’s ruling which will be given later this morning.”

“Well, they aren’t waiting,” said Lucinda, “and if Henry hadn’t been alert, we already would have heavy equipment in our forest.

Millie went to her phone and called Mr. McGuffy. She let him know that she’d heard rumors that the logging company wasn’t waiting on the judge’s order. Mr. McGuffy promised to get the sheriff to patrol the situation and to call the judge to let him know that the loggers were taking matters into their own hands.

Millie returned to Lucinda and Dulcinda and thanked them for alerting her to the dangers. Lucinda and Dulcinda thanked her and flew back home.

Later that morning the faeries who were on surveillance duty returned and reported the latest. “The sheriff came out a few hours ago and stationed men at the loggers camp and let them know that they could not do anything until the judge ruled. Then a few hours later the officer from the court arrived with the necessary papers. The judge had gotten so mad at the loggers for ignoring the temporary orders that he made a final ruling granting protection to the forest as an old world forest! He didn’t just extend the temporary injunction as he might have done. Instead he made his final ruling. Of course the logging company can appeal, but with all the evidence that has been marshaled in our favor, it isn’t likely that the ruling will be overturned. We have won.”

The cheers were deafening and the faeries partied and celebrated long into the night. It was hard to live in a world so dominated by unthinking humans, but at least for now they were safe.


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