Light in the Woods

A bulb hangs in the deep woods as it has for centuries, long before electricity had been invented. Those in the neighboring areas could see the light glowing from a distance at apparently random moments. Some folks though knew more. They knew the light shone whenever someone was in trouble. Brenda knew why the light shone because it had saved her life. One winter night two years ago, when Brenda was only 18 years old, she had gone out on a date with a young man named Carl. The evening had been fun. They had gone out to dinner and then a movie, but afterwards, on the way home, Carl had pulled the car off the road near the woods, and made what the books call “unwanted” advances. Brenda got scared and ran into the woods. Carl called after her, but she ran and ran. Soon she was so deep in the woods that she became hopelessly lost. The temperatures were dropping and Brenda was tired, cold, and very scared. Suddenly she saw a light up ahead. She walked toward the light and soon found herself in a grove with a light hanging in the center. As Brenda looked, she saw faeries dancing and they showed her the way home. When she was safe in bed, warm and dry, she thought back to the times in the past when she had seen the light and realized that she heard stories about the lighted woods all her life. The bulb was not lit by electricity but by magic. The faeries help the innocent who are in trouble, those running from danger, those lost in the woods. The light always shines to help those in need. The faeries guide those willing to listen.

This story is based on a photo to be found on Wings Over Water blog


10 thoughts on “Light in the Woods

  1. Oh, how I’ve missed your stories!

    The idea of a lightbulb in a forest reminds me of the lamp-post in “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.” A later book in the series describes how the lamp-post ended up in the middle of a forest.

    I don’t know if you’d be interested in suggestions for future stories…but it would be neat to someday hear how the lightbulb in your story was created! Did the faeries make it themselves, find it elsewhere and drag it home or did it exist there long before they ever appeared? 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Lydia! I am always open to suggestions. I want to write more stories but I have to admit I have trouble thinking of plot lines. This was a contest and the challenge was to write a poem, story, etc. based on the photo. Hopefully I’ll come up with more plots now. Have a great day!

    • Well, thanks for the prompt! Got me writing and that is good and I love the picture. And who’s to say there aren’t faeries! Thanks so for stopping by! Thanks also for your “likes” on both this and The Rabbit and the Dragon story. Much appreciated! Have a great day/evening!

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