Wordle 43: Was it Robbery?

The store had been ransacked sometime during the night. The owner, a small elderly woman, who owned the bakery was sitting in a chair weeping. Customers approached her and tried to offer comfort, but then the police siren sounded in the neighborhood and everyone scattered, leaving her alone. Detective Esme Coulter entered the store with her sergeant in tow and took in the scene in one comprehensive glance before approaching the woman, a Ms Stevens, according to the town records.

Esme gestured to the sergeant to take his notepad out of his belt and then she began the interview by saying, “I am so sorry, Ms. Stevens. Do you have any idea who would do this to you?”

“No, Detective,” said Ms. Stevens. “I am just a poor baker trying to make an honest living.”

Esme noticed a curious sticker in the window, a sticker which said “Charms Traded.” Esme was about to ask about the sticker when a sudden fog swept through the store, blurring everything, and Ms. Stevens said in a confidential voice, “It will all be fine, Esme. Just forget all about this.” The next thing Esme knew, she and her sergeant were back in their patrol car and the sergeant was asking her if she wanted a donut at the bakery. Esme looked in the bakery window and saw that everything was as it should be. Was it a vision or was it real, Esme wondered, and then she noticed Ms. Stevens smiling and waving at her.

This story is inspired by this week’s The Sunday Whirl and the 12 words which are to be used in a poem or short prose piece.  The twelve words are: belt sticker blur ransacked interview fog weeping visions confidential customers charms trade, and I decided to try them in a flash fiction piece.


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