The Queen’s Visit

I have decided to write (or try to write) a flash fiction piece every day using 8 words randomly generated.  Here is today’s list and story:

myth queen dock university varnish umbrella kiss hooligan

It was a hot summer day when the Queen Ermintrude’s barge sailed up to the dock in the mountain town of Wizardville. The queen disembarked as the assembled crowds cheered and the university wizards greeted her with great pomp and flourishes and many bows. The queen suggested moving further off the dock as she was being overwhelmed by the smell of fresh varnish. The entire town had undergone a sprucing up for her visit and everything was clean and sparkling. The queen’s party headed up to the center of town and through the university gates. Queen Ermintrude was very grateful for the shade her umbrella provided as the sun was very hot. Once inside the university gates the Chancellor greeted her with a kiss on each cheek. He thanked her for coming to honor the new library. According to one of the local myths all things prospered which had the queen’s blessings. “And so, to keep my subjects happy and the myths strong,” thought Queen Ermintrude, “I spend most of my days traveling throughout my realms blessing everything imaginable. The life of a queen is certainly challenging!”


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