The Mermaid and the Diver

Today’s eight random words: fairy tale, decoy, fashion, diver, computer, sole, doctrine, pile

A mermaid swam in the harbor surrounding the port city smiling at the audacity of the diver who had tried to catch her the day before. The mermaid’s name was Millicent and she loved teasing humans. They were so gullible and easily excited, but something about this particular diver, a woman named Ella, intrigued her and so she was hanging around the harbor buoys again to see if Ella returned. As Millicent swam she noticed a pile of clothes on the base of one of the buoys. Millicent was intrigued and swam over to investigate. The clothes looked very like the latest in fashion and this made her more and more curious. All the items were tops, and in just her size, and Millicent couldn’t resist trying some on. Just as she was admiring herself in a reflection, Millicent noticed the camera which she knew had to be hooked up to a computer somewhere. Ok, the clothes were a decoy designed with the sole aim of luring her here so that someone could record proof that mermaids existed, that they weren’t just some fairy tale creature, and hence refute most human doctrines about non-human life. Millicent was hurt. She wondered if Ella had set the trap but all of a sudden she saw Ella behind her, motioning her down under the water. Millicent slid down carefully so that she didn’t show her tail, and she and Ella swam out of camera range before surfacing.

Ella said, “You have to run. Someone else saw you yesterday and they are now out to hook themselves some big reward for their story or even worse get you captured to use in a lab experiment. Let me have the clothes and I’ll swim back and pretend it was me all the time. Go! Fast!”

Millicent thanked her and said, “I really want to see you again. Can we meet? Come out to Five Mile Island this weekend?”

“Ok, that would be great, but only if I can do it safely. You are wonderful and should be free. I won’t have you caged and ridiculed. But if I can get out there to see you without endangering you I will. Now swim before they close the harbor boom,” Ella urged.

With that, Millicent impulsively kissed Ella and turned toward the sea.


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