Wizard Graduation

Today’s eight randomly generated words are: store, attack, stool, dolphin, shoelace, trumpet, loaf, graduate

The wizards were all lined up ready for the processional for the start of graduation. The newly graduated wizards fiddled with their robes as they waited for the trumpets to sound announcing the start of the ceremony. All of a sudden the line started to move to file into the auditorium when one of the wizards tripped on his shoelace and they all went down like dominoes. The audience gasped and then laughed, not sure if this was supposed to happen or not.

The dean of the wizard college was livid. How dare this happen on his watch. He turned red and angry and all of a sudden the levels of magic in the auditorium rose to gargantuan proportions. The room started to swirl and soon everyone found themselves displaced, dumped out on outside on the street in front of the bakery. The winds swirled and rose and all of a sudden a stool appeared out of nowhere (actually it was the stool the dean had been sitting on), and it flew through the front window of the bakery, smashing the glass and causing the store owner to flee under the attack. Ā Loaves of bread were flying everywhere.

Suddenly the dean realized what his anger had done and he tried to undo his magic. That was no more possible than it would be for a dolphin to climb a mountain, but to do him justice, he stuck with it, sending calming and undoing thoughts and gradually the situation returned to some semblance of normal. The dean repaired the damage to the bakery, apologized to the owner, and herded everyone back to the graduation ceremony. The unfortunate graduate who had started then entire uproar was called forward and then the dean made a very gracious speech, explaining to the new wizards that they must never do has he had done and allow their magic to be unleashed without proper checks and balances.

And so ended the most famous graduation day in the history of the wizard college and one that no one in the entire city ever forgot.


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