The Wolf and the Lost Prince

Today’s 8 randomly generated words: comedy, messenger, guide, wolf, tomb, neck, barrel, and soccer

Rain was pouring down in torrents and the field had become a muddy slippery slope so that  the soccer game between the witches and wizards was turning into some sort of bizarre comedy. All of a sudden a messenger arrived from the king and the game was halted, none too soon, according to one of the witches named Bertha.

The messenger announced that the young prince, eight year old Elliot, had wandered off and in this weather the king and queen were fearing the worst. The king asked (even he realized that ordering witches and wizards was a very bad idea) if anyone would help in the search.

Soon all the soccer players had abandoned the rain-soaked game to join the hunt. Naturally, as Bertha knew from the get-go, the wizards had their ideas about how to search and they treated any suggestions the witches put forth with the greatest disdain, so soon the two groups had split up, with the wizards waving wands and shouting and the witches returning to the last known location of Prince Elliot and looking for signs of magical disturbances.

While Bertha was hunting through the forest she caught sight of a wolf. Bertha was able to enter the minds of other creatures and she decided now was a good time to do just that so she entered the wolf’s mind and what she read there was very reassuring. The wolf had seen Prince Elliot wandering deeper and deeper into the forest, and when the rain started he looked for shelter. He found an old barrel and climbed in, not realizing that he was then trapped. He was now nearly up to his neck in water, thanks to the heavy rainfall, but the wolf (and now Bertha) knew just where the barrel was, so Bertha thanked the wolf for the information, promised her assistance if he was ever in need, and she raced off to the spot where the barrel was.

Prince Elliot was very happy to see her and she even allowed him to ride on her shoulders back to the castle. Bertha had grandchildren of her own and knew that the entire episode would be just a fun adventure with no harm done if it were handled properly. As the two of them came into sight of the palace they were surrounded by many of the searchers who had given up hope of ever finding the prince in this weather. Bertha returned the prince to his parents and then let the king know that the wolf was the one who actually saved Prince Elliot. The king was so grateful that he immediately proclaimed that wolves were sacred animals, not to be harmed or hunted. Bertha smiled and thought, I wonder how long that will last.


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