Summer Holiday

Today’s eight randomly generated words: faint, string, ring, giraffe, holiday, corner, belt, saddle

Summer holidays had finally arrived. Anna was so excited! Her mother had agreed to take her to Africa for two whole weeks so that Anna could see the wildlife on the Serengetti Plains up close and personal, so to speak. It was true that when they returned Anna would have to write up a report for her high school senior project, but what a report it would be.

Anna woke up the next morning and eagerly got ready for the airplane trip. It would be a long flight, but Africa! Wow! This was the first really wonderful thing that had happened since her father had been killed over a year ago. It had been a very difficult year for both Anna and her mother but now things would be different. Anna was just sure of it.

As soon as the plane landed in Nairobi, Anna and her mother settled into their hotel and waited for the safari guide. Anna thought she ought to be sleepy, but she was just plain too excited to sleep, or so she thought until she was awakened by the ring from their room phone. She grabbed her camera and backpack and headed out with her mother.

In what seemed like no time at all, Anna was sitting in the jeep, with her seatbelt properly fastened–she hated belts, but the guide had been insistent as the ride would be very bumpy–and they were on their way. They drove through the city and soon, the safari group was out on the plains. The first thing Anna saw was a herd of giraffes, all lined up looking as if they were hooked with a long string. They were so tall and so magnificent!!

After that the day went by at great speed with one marvel following right on top of another. It seemed as if every time the jeep turned a corner or changed direction there was a new wonder to be seen. The jeep stopped at a ranch for their lunch and Anna was given the chance to ride a horse for part of the afternoon tour and Anna jumped at the opportunity. Things looked really different from the vantage point of a saddle.

Finally, the first day of the safari was coming to an end. Anna and her mother sat around the campfire before bedtime, sharing with their fellow safari travelers what they had enjoyed the most that day, and in the distance, Anna realized she could hear the faint sounds of animals she didn’t even recognize.

This vacation was going to be the best ever and her only problem, she thought, would be to try to condense the magnitude of the experience into one school paper.


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