The Tortoise and the Frog

Today’s eight randomly generated words: frog, fog, crisps, tortoise, snow, binge, nail varnish, and salon

As fog seeped over the waterfront embankment and rolled down into town, a tortoise could be seen making its way slowly through the snow at the edge of the sidewalk. The tortoise, whose name was Helen, moved as far away from the street as she could and just trudged onwards. She paused outside a lighted salon, and looked inside at all the women getting beautified. Helen thought they were pretty silly, sitting there getting nail varnish and color tints and whatever. She trudge onwards wishing for spring and as she turned the corner she spotted a frog outside the taco restaurant. It was Elmer so Helen went over to say hi. Elmer didn’t even notice her approaching because he was too busy chomping down crisps on some sort of eating binge.

When Helen was finally beside him, she said, “Hey Elmer! What’s up?”

Elmer jumped straight into the air! “You startled me, Helen! It isn’t fair to sneak up on a guy like that!”

Helen laughed. “I sure wasn’t sneaking! You were making so much noise with those crisps an army could have marched past and you wouldn’t have noticed. What’s going on?”

Elmer looked sheepish. “You know that princess up at the castle? Well, she trapped me last week and kept kissing me to make me turn into a prince and I haven’t had a proper meal for days! All she fed me were flies and ants! I finally escaped and now I’m making up for lost time!”

Helen laughed! “I sure am glad I’m not a frog,” she replied! “No one ever turned a prince into a tortoise!” And after wishing Elmer the best and warning him to stay away from the castle, Helen continued her ambling, heading toward warmth somewhere, she hoped!


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