Tour Guide

Today’s eight randomly generated words: guide, olive, map, goal, coffee, hot plate, robot, and interlude

Samantha was taking a group of tourists for a hike through the local olive groves. It always amazed her how many people thought it was fantastic to hike through these groves as she had lived with them all her life and they didn’t seem all that special to her, but it paid her wages and the job really wasn’t too bad. Occasionally she got an annoying tourist, and those came in several flavors. There were the ones who asked thousands of questions, the ones who were whiny, the ones who tried to pick her up for a date, etc., but for the most part people were pretty reasonable. Samantha usually just followed the map given for the self-guided tour, but if she had a good bunch with her she sometimes took them to spots off the map which were particularly beautiful. Otherwise, she felt as if she were just a robot going through the motions. Today was the day for an off the map tour. Her group only had five women in it and they were all avid gardeners, so after a brief interlude for some coffee heated on her hotplate, she led them off into the area where the olive groves abutted some natural caves overlooking a waterfall. After a half-hour walk they reached their goal and the women were suitably impressed with the beauty and majesty of the waterfall. Samantha gave them time to enjoy the scene before leading them back to the approved path on the map. She gave her usual cautionary speech about not telling anyone about the side trip, and she wondered if that really did any good or if it mattered or if tourists even compared notes about what they had seen. Samantha really didn’t care. It had been a good day and her tips for the tour were excellent. She was that much closer to being able to move out of this small town and see the rest of the world!


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