Zoo Rebellion

Today’s eight randomly generated words: kite, tray, kangaroo, prison, fish, stampede, threat, and power.

Things were not going well at the zoo. Funding had been cut and the management thought that they could save money by buying cheap food and the animals were ready to revolt. Rosie the kangaroo was especially upset. She had never wanted to live in a zoo in the first place and now she was really mad and it didn’t pay to make a kangaroo mad, that was for sure. Rosie decided that the animals needed to get organized and not just sulk on their own, so after hours she had held a meeting and elected herself to be in charge. The others were so unhappy that they would agree to anything. The zoo felt like a bad prison now and on top of that, no kids wanted to visit anymore because everyone looked so sad.

Rosie said the key to success was to take over the power of the zoo. If they united they would definitely pose a threat to the humans and they could even cause a stampede which would certainly attract attention. But they needed a human ally and Rosie was sure she could get the keeper for the Australian area to help because Rosie knew that Brigid was also very unhappy with what she was required to do or rather not do for the animals. With Brigid’s help, they would start turning over all the trays of cheap food and go on strike. Brigid would alert the media and soon there should be a major uproar at the zoo. Even the fish in the aquarium would get into the act and the macaws would fly kites with protest messages.

Rosie understood all about hard times and tough decisions. After all, she’d agreed to come to the zoo as a way to save the rest of her family. But it made Rosie mad that the zoo’s director and all the board members were still taking home enormous pay checks while the animals suffered. If there were to be cuts, then everyone should feel them, not just those with no voice. So tomorrow would be different! With Brigid’s help, Rosie and the others would revolt and justice would be served. Personally, Rosie hoped she’d get a chance to push the director into the hippo’s mud bath. Now that would really be something, and with that thought, Rosie fell asleep, sure that tomorrow would be the beginning of a better world.


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