The Princess and the Troll

Today’s eight randomly generated words: gate, work, bribe, sentry, energy, kiosk, moon, and lead.

The troll stood guard at the kiosk outside the sorcerer’s castle. A full moon shone overhead and the troll’s energies were very low. A full moon was too much like the sun to suit him, but he was on sentry duty so he did his best. All of a sudden he noticed a contingent of dwarves approaching with what looked like a princess in the lead. The troll, never the brightest even for a troll, wondered what they were doing out at 2AM, but his training came into play and he shouted at them to halt in front of the gate. “What do you want,” asked the troll.

The princess, for it truly was a princess at the head of this strange group, said, “We need to see your master right now!”

The troll answered that his master was not to be disturbed under any circumstances. At this denial, the princess stamped her foot and made her demands again. While she was doing this, causing a general ruckus, several of the dwarves crept behind the troll, unlocked the gate, and slide into the castle grounds. The princess kept making unreasonable demands and the poor troll was becoming more and more bewildered by it all. Did she say that she wanted her dinner? What was that all about?

Meanwhile, the dwarves who had gotten through the gate were now inside the castle proper and they were hunting for the famous dwarf axe which the sorcerer had stolen over a month ago. They found it, after a brief search, hanging on the wall next to the fireplace. As soon as they lifted it off the wall they heard the sounds of distance gongs, but they were already racing out the door, barely squeezing through as the doors clanged shut. They sprinted for the gate and this time they had to clamber over it, since the gate was locked by magic, not just a key. The alarms continued to pierce the air, but the dwarves didn’t care. They turned to the princess and thanked her for her assistance, promising her their undying loyalty, before they headed for the mountains.

The princess looked at the troll and said, “I’m really sorry and I hope you don’t lose your work. Here, I have a bag of gold which you can say was a bribe, or hide it or whatever you want. But really, your master had no business stealing the dwarves sacred axe. And you may tell him I told you to say that. Sorcery is one thing, but theft is unacceptable in my kingdom.” With that, the princess made a very dignified exit ignoring the fact that the sorcerer was flying down the pathway from his castle. Sure hope he doesn’t hurt the troll, she thought.


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