The Mouse and the Snail

Today’s eight randomly generated words: mime, bath, snail, night, mouse, oar, spark, danger

It was a dark moonless night as Hyacinth the mouse set sail in her little boat. She had to get to the other side of the pond as her cousin was in labor and she had promised to help. Normally it wouldn’t be difficult to sail across the pond and she could even use the oars and row if the wind was too calm but tonight the problem was too much wind. She certainly didn’t want to take a bath in the pond, but she had to get to Crystal. Crystal had lost several litters and Hyacinth was sure she could help bring this labor to a successful conclusion. Crystal and Pepper deserved to have a large family. They were such kind mice, and Hyacinth knew they would make wonderful parents. She had to get there.

As Hyacinth pushed the boat away from the dock and raised the sail she noticed a small snail on the edge of the seat. Hyacinth was worried that she’d gotten someone else into danger–bad enough that she was crossing the pond in this wind, but she didn’t have to endanger anyone else. She tried to get the snail’s attention and mime that they were in danger, but the snail stayed resolutely on the bench, refusing to move. Oh well, thought Hyacinth, I’ve tried, and she returned to sailing the boat. A gust of wind caught the sail and soon they were flying across the pond at a great speed, but not exactly in the direction Hyacinth wanted. She tried to correct their course but to no avail. Before she knew it, the boat had beached itself at the edge of the pond several hundred yards away from where Hyacinth wanted to be. Drat, she thought as she climbed out of the boat and dragged her medical bag after her. That is when she noticed that the snail had climbed onto the bag. So, thought Hyacinth, you want to come too, do you. Ok, hang on, and Hyacinth raced through the woods clutching her bag with the snail secure on the top.

Soon they reached Crystal’s home and by the whimpers and squeaks coming from inside things weren’t progressing too well. Hyacinth hurried in and got out her supplies. She set to work right away and soon she was delivering three tiny mice. Two were strong and healthy, but the third appeared to be dead. Suddenly the snail slid onto the third mouse and Hyacinth couldn’t see what it was doing, but all of a sudden, Hyacinth saw the little mouse’s chest jerk and she realized that the snail had found the spark of life in the little infant and nursed it into bloom. Suddenly the third mouse was also wiggling toward its mother and Hyacinth was able to see that Crystal had three mice nursing. Pepper was beaming as any proud father would, thanking Hyacinth over and over again. Hyacinth said, “Well, give thanks where thanks are really due. I did help with the first two boys, but you owe this snail thanks for the life of your third, your only little girl!” Pepper looked down in surprise, but he did manage to stutter his thanks, and with that, Hyacinth packed up her things, watching as the snail again crawled onto the pack, and the two of them headed back home, happy to have helped three new lives into this world.


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