The Dentist’s Chair

The eight random words for today are: sneeze, telescope, revenge, desert, door, fur, false teeth, crown

Millie was sitting in the dentist’s chair awaiting the replacement of a crown on one of her back molars. She was terrified of dentistry in general, and to have to come here on her day off from the library only added insult to injury. She did have to admit that her particular dentist was kind and patient and gentle, but years of bad dentists in her life from a very early age had convinced her that it was going to hurt no matter what. Ok, she needed to get a grip on herself. She needed to think of something other than the sound of the horrible drill. The dentist had filled her with enough novocaine to knock out a mammoth and he’d also given her laughing gas to calm her. Now was the time to think of something else. She had good teeth and was in no danger of ever having false teeth, but she did need to take care of them, and after all, replacing a crown wasn’t a big deal, right?

Millie just needed to imagine that she was somewhere else. Where would she rather be? Honestly, anywhere but here would be an improvement, she thought as the dentist asked her to open wide. What about the desert? Well, maybe that wouldn’t be her best choice. She was not that fond of deserts even if they did rank higher than the dentist office. Maybe she should imagine herself on a planet in another galaxy. Would there be life? Well, there better be if she was there, but what kind of life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to meet with new species, new cultures? Yes, that’s what she’d imagine. She’d think herself onto a distant planet with intelligent life. She saw herself approaching a dwelling and knocking on the door. A tall creature covered in fur and looking something like her cat Cuddles answered. The creature was standing on two legs, but it had a tail and the coloring was suspiciously like that of Cuddles. But this creature could talk and after a few words, Millie realized she could understand the creature. Maybe there really were universal translators or maybe she had watched too much Star Trek. The creature introduced herself as Imogene and invited Millie into the house. Inside the living room there was a giant telescope which Millie realized was capable of seeing the earth. So, thought Millie, we watch them and they watch us.

All of a sudden Millie’s dentist was removing the nitrous oxide mask and asked how she was doing. The abrupt jerk back to the real world made Millie sneeze and as she tested her bite she thought, I wonder what kind of revenge I can take on him for bringing me back to earth before I got to know Imogene. But then she just smiled and thanked him and headed home to enjoy the rest of her day off. No revenge was necessary because Millie realized, the entire operation had happened while she was happily visiting another world. When she reached home, Millie couldn’t wait to tell Cuddles all about her look-alike in a far distant galaxy.


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