Village Catastrophe

The eight randomly generated words for today are: catastrophe, exile, valley, harp, stream, playground, ridge, and pigeon.

Wanda the witch stood at the top of the ridge and looked down into the valley trying to understand the magnitude of the latest catastrophe. Her village had lived in the valley by the stream for centuries, for as long as anyone could remember. But then last month the earth had started to tremble, and the tremblings got worse and worse. Wanda was psychically gifted and she just knew the village would be destroyed, so she rallied her people and got them to move up out of the valley. Thankfully, people trusted her, and even if they didn’t believe that their village could be destroyed, they did believe that she believed it and that she was usually correct. It had been hard to get everyone out of the valley and a lot of stuff had been left behind. It was especially hard for the elderly and the very young, but everyone worked together and no lives were lost.

But now what, thought Wanda, as she looked down into the valley to see raging waters everywhere, big splits in the earth, boulders, downed trees, and realized that her people would now have to go into exile into the mountains. She didn’t know what kind of life would be possible there. She needed to talk with the village minstrel and get him to write a new ballad to inspire the village. He could then play it on his harp each night around the campfire to help put spirit back into the people. If Wanda was discouraged it was nothing compared to the rest of the villagers who were just terrified that more destruction would follow.

Wanda had taken a few of the leaders and headed up into the mountains for a look and they had found a place which seemed pleasant. There were caves in the mountainside and there were also flat areas which could be plowed so that crops could be grown during the summer months and she’d even found a small waterfall and pool nearby, a spot that would make a lovely gathering spot for the villagers and a playground for the children. As far as they could tell, no one lived in the area and that rather worried Wanda.  If the spot was so good, why hadn’t anyone moved here?  But in her visions she saw great joy and happiness here so hopefully this vision was as true as the vision she’d had of the catastrophe. There would be lots to learn about. All the wildlife and plants would be new to the villagers. Pigeons wouldn’t live with them anymore, but hopefully other birds would.

Wanda had stood at the ridge’s edge long enough. She needed to help her people to make a decision as to where they would go. She and the village elders would start the trek up into the mountains today and hopefully, within a month’s time, everyone would be in the new location and starting to settle into a different routine, a routine which would ultimately prove to be just as rewarding, or so Wanda hoped. At least the earth had stopped its rumblings and shakings. That had to be a good sign.


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