Eloise and the Supernatural Kitchen

Eloise couldn’t believe it. She had won a brand new kitchen, one which was billed as supernatural, whatever that might mean. It was going to be installed the next day and she sure hoped it wouldn’t be too much of a mess, but still, a modern fully outfitted kitchen would be wondrous.

When she woke  the next morning she discovered that somehow the kitchen had appeared during the night, fully complete. And there was a mug of fresh tea waiting for her! She couldn’t believe it. As she walked around in amazement, she decided she’d better feed the cats. As soon as she thought that, the cat food bowls were instantly cleaned and filled. Wow! Eloise thought she could really get used to this. She then got ready to get the dogs fed when the same thing happened. Every time she thought about anything to do with food it happened. She never heard the cans being opened, but the empty cans were in the recycle bin, fully rinsed.

How could this be, she wondered. Nevertheless she truly enjoyed it over the next few weeks. Her dinner was ready whenever she wanted it, without having to figure out when to turn on the oven or put the dinner in or anything. And her refrigerator, freezer, and pantry stayed stocked with whatever she thought of. No more worries about wanting something but not having the ingredients! This kitchen really was supernatural! And best of all, she didn’t have someone hanging around doing it all. It just happened. She even tested it by thinking she’d like one thing for dinner and then changing her mind, but the kitchen was never fooled.

At first Eloise thought this was the best thing she’d ever experienced. No more dishes or burned dinners or late dinners. Everything was done exactly the way she wanted it and Eloise hated cooking. It was such a relief not to have to worry about meals and it allowed her so much time to do other things.

But by the end of the first month as the novelty was wearing off, Eloise realized that she’d given up a part of herself and her personal power. Sure the food was always done the way she liked and better than she could do, but there was something to be said for doing things herself, even if she goofed. There was no work, but then she missed preparing her pets’ meals and she even missed preparing her own. Having others, even invisible others, doing things for her was a luxury, but it also robbed her of her chance to try things out for herself.

Finally, she called the kitchen company and told them that she didn’t want it anymore. Would they please remove it and put things back the way they had been. They tried to convince her that this was a wonderful opportunity, but she held firm. She thanked them, and said that it was the first time she’d ever won anything and that the kitchen had taught her a lot about herself, but she really didn’t want it anymore. They finally agreed.

The next morning Eloise woke up to her old kitchen. The supernatural kitchen had disappeared as mysteriously as it had arrived.  As she made her tea and prepared to fix breakfasts for the dogs and cats, she thought, I know I can do this and it is powerful to know that I can look after myself and my family.

NOTE: I am using an iPad app called Inspiro which has very fun writing prompts.


4 thoughts on “Eloise and the Supernatural Kitchen

    • LOL! I dislike it also. Not sure why I voted against the kitchen in the story (the prompt was “supernatural kitchen”) but that’s where it went. Thanks for reading!

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