The Sneezing Turtle

One day a turtle sneezed on a historian.  The historian looked up in surprise because she hadn’t even known the turtle was there.  Then the turtle apologized, and the historian was even more surprised.  “What are you doing here?” asked the historian.

“Oh just wandering around,” replied the turtle.  “I like your yard and I thought I’d tell you so.”

“I want to try to create a sanctuary for all things,” said the historian.  “In my work I study ancient cultures, but I get tired of seeing the way the same mistakes are made over and over again.  People don’t seem to learn and I find that upsetting.”

The turtle agreed.  “I know.  Humans seem to be focused in all the wrong directions.  That is why  most of the animal world has given up on them.”

“What do you mean,” asked the historian.

“Well, humans and animals used to be able to communicate telepathically and they knew how to care for each other.  But then humans changed and moved into new worlds, developed new ideas, and lost their sense of natural wonder.  They lost their sense of joy in the everyday.  They turned away from the other animals, forgetting that they themselves are also animals,” replied the turtle.

“But you are different,” continued the turtle, “and so you have been chosen to go on a grand adventure.”

“What do you mean,” said the historian.

“Well, we’ve decided that your efforts deserve to be encouraged.  Maybe others will  follow your example if they know more,” said the turtle.  “Climb on my back and we’ll be off.”

“What,” said the historian.

“Climb on my back,” said the turtle again.

The historian got on the turtle’s back and all of a sudden the turtle started to fly.  Things were just really getting weird, thought the historian.  Soon they were soaring high over the neighboring mountains, higher and higher.  Before long they were soaring around the moon.  The turtle was singing a beautiful song, and soon the historian had forgotten how strange this was.  She and the turtle were one, and the historian learned through the turtle’s song.

The hours passed in a blur, and all too soon the turtle said that it was time to return to earth.  More quickly than the historian would have thought possible, they were back in her study.  The historian thanked the turtle for the remarkable experience.  That night, as she slept, she dreamt of her flight and how wonderful it had been to feel the connection with the real world, rather than the man-made artificiality that masqueraded as the real world.  And as long as she lived she carried that feeling of connection with all of life, sharing it whenever she could.  As for the turtle, she made a home in the historian’s pond.  They only took that one flight, but that one was enough to change their lives forever.

NOTE: I am using an iPad app called Inspiro which has very fun writing prompts.


4 thoughts on “The Sneezing Turtle

  1. I agree with Cyberbonn!

    It sounds like something based on a dream to me (in a very, very good way!) I don’t know what your dreams are like but sometimes mine have very well-written storylines. 😀

    • Thanks, Lydia! And yes, I too have dreams with very well-written story lines! I wish I could remember them all! Anyway, I truly appreciate your support and your comment! And I am really enjoying the prompts I am getting from Inspiro–a cool app for the iPad! Have a lovely day!

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