The Girl and the Fairy

Sarah ran out of school as fast has she could, tears forming in her eyes, her long brown hair streaming behind her, and headed for the woods behind the high school.  She’d had it.  Every day someone taunted her.  Sometimes they teased her because she brought her own lunch or because she wore hand-me-down clothes.  Her mom, a cashier at the local market, did her best to keep a family with four kids intact but they had very little money.  Sometimes Sarah was teased because she was a horrible athlete, making gym class a particular nightmare.  Sarah would admit that she was clumsy and she couldn’t throw a ball or run fast, but that was true of others as well.  Sarah loved to draw and paint, but her work was ridiculed. Why was it always Sarah who was picked on?  Sarah reached the center of the woods and found a log to sit on as sobs wracked her small body.  She couldn’t stay long because her mother needed her at home to look after her three younger brothers, but she needed some time to herself.  She didn’t want her mother to know what she had to endure as her mother would just worry more.  Suddenly Sarah noticed a small winged creature fluttering next to her.  A fairy! Sarah looked more closely and realized that the fairy was talking to her, comforting her. The fairy let her know that she wasn’t alone.  The fairy said that Sarah was a gifted artist and one day she would be famous.  For now, her fairy would watch over her. Sarah couldn’t believe it at first, but as her tears dried and her breathing relaxed, she realized that now she truly had someone supporting her! She thanked the fairy and headed home.