Sabrina and the Dragons, Part 4

The first part of this story may be found at: Sabrina and the Dragons, Part One, the second part may be found at: Sabrina and the Dragons, Part Two, and the third part is posted at: Sabrina and the Dragons, Part 3.

As Sabrina waited for Juniper to wake, she started to think about everything that had happened to her since she’d walked out of her home. She really hadn’t had a chance to process everything and now, sitting on this ledge with a dragon’s head on her shoulder, she began to cry softly. Maybe things weren’t good at home and yes, I really was upset, but what if I never see Brittany or Dad again? Why did I just walk through that wall? What was I thinking? I’ve just messed up again and this time I’ve messed up big time.

Sabrina’s crying grew stronger, waking Juniper. “What’s wrong,” asked Juniper.

“I don’t know how to get home,” wailed Sabrina.

“Neither do I,” whimpered Juniper.

“But at least this is your world. I don’t even know where I am or how I got here.”

“That would be scary,” agreed Juniper. “You’ve been so kind to me, so tell me how I can help you.”

Sabrina dried her tears on her shirttails and said, “Well, if I’m stuck here, I’d better learn something about this world. You said there were other humans, didn’t you?”

“Yes, there are, but not many. We have several families in my village and they do seem happy. But I need to tell you that there is a much larger human population on the other side of the river and they really don’t like us dragons at all.”

“What river? The one this waterfall dumps into?”

“Yes, unfortunately. I tried to find a way off the ledge on the dragon side of the river, but there wasn’t any. I just don’t know what to do.”

Sabrina thought for a moment and then said, “Well, we can’t get into my cave and honestly, since there are no dragons in my world, I don’t really think that would have been a good option for you anyway.”

Sabrina ran her hands through her hair, thinking, and then said, “I guess if there is no way down on your side of the river, we’ll have to find out what the possibilities are on the other side of the waterfall.”

Juniper shook a bit before pulling herself together and saying, “You are right. After all, we can’t spend the rest of our lives up here.

With that, Sabrina stood up carefully, grabbing her backpack and slipping it on. Juniper stayed behind her as they inched along the ledge under the waterfall. Sabrina checked the wall again, just to see if the passageway she’d come through had somehow re-opened, but the wall was absolutely solid. So carefully the two girls moved along to the other side of the waterfall. Once they were beyond the spray and noise, they stopped and looked around.

“The ledge is at least a bit wider on this side,” said Sabrina.

“Yes, that helps, I guess” said Juniper with a bit of hesitation in her voice.

They looked out from the ledge and saw that the mountainside was covered with a luscious green forest which seemed to go on forever. They could barely see the river far below, but it looked as if there were a clearing not far from the banks of the river.

“What is that clearing?” asked Sabrina.

“I think that is the human village. I can’t remember its name, but we really have to stay away from it as the humans would try to kill me on sight,” said Juniper who was definitely trembling at the thought. “Oh why couldn’t I fly,” she wailed. “Then I wouldn’t be stuck up here.”

Sabrina put an arm around Juniper and said, “I know it is scary, and I’m scared too, but honestly, I am really glad we met and I bet that together we can figure this out.”

Juniper looked at Sabrina for a few minutes and then nodded, “Yes, we can! And I am so glad to have met you also. I’ve never had a friend before, and I think that is worth more than any dangers.”

Sabrina smiled and said, “Me, too, and I agree. Now, shall we move farther along this ledge and see if we can find a path down?”

With that, the two girls moved further away from the waterfall.

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