Sabrina and the Dragons, Part 16

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Betsy woke the girls before dawn. “I wanted to talk with you both but I also have to leave to get things ready in the village.”

The girls sat up quickly and wiped the sleep from their eyes. “That’s OK,” said Sabrina. “We really want to hear what you have to tell us.”

Juniper nodded and so Betsy began. “I’ve been watching the two of you and you have formed a powerful bond. When this kind of bond exists, then some new possibilities open up. I wanted to share those with you before any decisions are made about staying or leaving.”

The girls nodded and Betsy continued. “Sabrina, what do you know about religion?”

“Nothing really.” She hesitated before going on. “My father says that religions are for the weak who can’t manage on their own.”

Betsy nodded. “I suspected as much. What do you know about spirits or what we call the spirit world?”

“Nothing,” said Sabrina shaking her head.

“Again, that doesn’t surprise me. In our world we have a very close connection to the world around us. We believe (well except for the mayor across the river, that is) in the sanctity of life. We believe in the natural rhythm of life and believe that each and every one of us is connected. That is why, when we hunt, we hunt only what we need for our own survival and we give thanks to the plants and animals which sustain us.”

Sabrina nodded, still looking a bit confused.

“So this means that we are closer to what I call the real world. We can feel the spirits of others even when we aren’t right next to them. And we each have a spirit guide to help us through our lives. To cut to the bottom line, I believe that the bond that you and Juniper share will allow you to communicate telepathically, even across the boundary between our two worlds.”

The girls looked at each other as Betsy went on. “Unfortunately, I have to leave now, so I can’t begin teaching you, but I have been following you even when I haven’t been visible to you, and I believe that I am meant to guide you, to be your spirit guide.”

“Wow,” said Juniper. “My parents have told me all this and said that I’d find my guide when I came of age, but to have you, that’s the best!”

Betsy laughed and then went on, “What your parents told you, Juniper, is the natural order of things, but Sabrina’s landing in our world, and more importantly, the bond that the two of you have formed, has changed things. I have talked with your parents and they are very supportive of this rather different way for you to receive a spirit guide. As a result, your right of passage to adulthood will be a bit different, but I’m not concerned with that now.

“I really wanted you, Sabrina, to know this as you make what has to be a very hard decision. I wanted you to know that even in your world, I believe you and Juniper will be able to communicate in more than just dreams, as wonderful as that is. I also wanted you to know that I will be able to be your spirit guide in your world as well. We can work on the details and I can teach you even after you return to your other home, if that is what you choose. I am very familiar with your world, and you aren’t the first human I have served in this capacity, so I know it will work. Your decision should be based entirely on what path you feel will be best for you rather than thinking you have to choose your sister or Juniper. I think you have a saying that ‘You can’t have it both ways,’ but in fact, at any meaningful level, you will be able to have both worlds.”

“That’s a lot to think about,” said Sabrina.

“Yes, it is. But since we are all going to be pretty busy over the rest of the week relocating the mayor and his cronies, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that if you go back, you won’t be going back without friends. The decision is still yours to make, and whichever way you decide will be fine. Neither path is better; they are just different,” concluded Betsy.

“Can we do anything now,” asked Juniper.

“Yes, for now, try to sent thoughts back and forth just using your minds. It won’t work right away, so don’t get discouraged. Right before you fall asleep is the best time as your minds are relaxed and open. And I’ll talk with you both again before Sabrina has to decide. But now, I need to get out of here. See you in a few days,” said Betsy, giving each of them a hug.

Once Betsy had gone, Sabrina looked at Juniper and said, “What do you think?”

“I’m excited. I know of several beings who can communicate telepathically. My folks can do it, for instance. But I never thought I’d be able to, much less that I’d be able to do it with a human and even across the boundary between our worlds.”

“Well, I don’t know anyone who can do it, at least for real. There are plenty of charlatans who claim they can but the only ones I know about have been proven to be frauds. Still, I know that Native Americans have a shamanic tradition that I think is similar to what Betsy said about honoring all life, giving thanks to the animal that was killed for nourishment, and having spirit guides. I guess our world has just lost way too much contact with the natural world,” said Sabrina.

Just then they heard Earthstone calling. “Hurry up, girls, or you’ll be late for school.”

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