I am a 67 year old single vegan lesbian living on Vashon just a short ferry ride west of Seattle with my three dogs and three cats.  I am both a quilter and a weaver, and I also write poetry (daphnepurpus.com) and now I am attempting to write fiction.  I recently realized that I had never written a story in my entire life, even though I have done a ton of academic writing, all the way up to a doctoral dissertation for my PhD in English which I earned when I was 52.

But now I want to realize a long held dream of writing fiction, and I decided to start by writing Flash Fiction.  My first story used a prompt I received in my creative writing class (one meeting so far), and the next two were just ideas that came to me.  I will try to write a piece of Flash Fiction often and see where this takes me.  I am open to any comments or suggestions, bearing in mind that I am a rank beginner in this area.  Thanks for stopping by!

Update: I have now written and published my first novel, Dragon Riders.  I am currently preparing a book of haiku and also my second novel.  I have three other blogs: Daphne’s Tanka Diary, Daphne’s Haiku and Other Short Poems, and Random Thoughts.


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